Sep. 8th, 2009

021| Fangtooth shows a little gratitude.

[Filtered to Cole Jones, Ragnar Rasmussen, Tony Destro, Janelle St. Croix, [...] Svetlana Duff]
I just wanted to say thanks for everything you did last weekend. If you ever need a favor or anything, just let me know.

Jul. 30th, 2009

018| Fangtooth needs a night out.

[Filtered to Anna, Annie, Beatrix, Dani, Esme, JenLee, Judy, Regina, Saoirse, Toni]
Saturday, girls night out. If you're interested, we plan to hit one of the clubs in the city.

Apr. 1st, 2009

006| Fangtooth is plotting to own The Hangman's team!

[Filtered to Dot, Saoirse, Quinn, Annie, Lucas, Teddy, Adam, Ivy, and Happy. + Ragnar]

If any of you are interested in strategizing for tomorrow's game, then I'm willing to spring for pizza.