Sep. 15th, 2009

022| Fangtooth has plans for the Hangman.

[sorry for any inconvenience, but this post is backdated to late Sunday night!]

[Filtered to Nick]
You know, this whole us spending a week together hasn't played out yet, so what are you doing tomorrow? And the rest of this week?

Aug. 4th, 2009

019| Fangtooth wants to whisk Leaf Ericson away.

[Filtered to Regina]
Regina Ivanova, I owe you a date. An impressive one at that.

What are your feelings on a weekend away?

Jul. 30th, 2009

018| Fangtooth needs a night out.

[Filtered to Anna, Annie, Beatrix, Dani, Esme, JenLee, Judy, Regina, Saoirse, Toni]
Saturday, girls night out. If you're interested, we plan to hit one of the clubs in the city.

Jul. 27th, 2009

017| Fangtooth has too many emotions going on.

I don't want to be here today.

[Filtered to Lucas]
If you have some free time this week, maybe we could work on my weapon handling?

Jul. 20th, 2009

016| Fangtooth is not loving this.

Right, well this should be interesting. How do you want to go about this, Marco? Over the network or face-to-face?

[Filtered to Saoirse & Regina]
This sucks I have a feeling this assignment is going to call for lots of ice cream. And sorry you got paired with a douchebag, Regina.

Jul. 1st, 2009

015| Fangtooth wants to do a little prank plotting.

[Filtered to Jamie, Quinn, & Saoirse]

Am I the only one who thinks it's been too quiet since Fergus left around here lately? I know there was all the election bullshit and the poisoning, but there hasn't been anything fun. No shameless pranking or food fights.

We should fix that.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

014| Fangtooth wants to meet the squids!

Does anyone want to head down to the sub basement to meet Fluffy and Mittens with me? I was going to wait until this weekend, but I think Fluffy was petting me earlier, which was cute, so I'm going down tonight instead.

Apr. 1st, 2009

006| Fangtooth is plotting to own The Hangman's team!

[Filtered to Dot, Saoirse, Quinn, Annie, Lucas, Teddy, Adam, Ivy, and Happy. + Ragnar]

If any of you are interested in strategizing for tomorrow's game, then I'm willing to spring for pizza.

Mar. 27th, 2009

005| Fangtooth is downright GLEEFUL.

Ira Kazan, this is awesome! Is there a time limit on this offer, or can I save it for a good idea?
You've got a pretty loyal volunteer in me now.

[Filtered to Fergus]

Hey, about Guy inviting me to the buffet with you guys, I didn't tell him I could come or not. I know I've been around a lot so if you don't want me tagging along that's cool, just let me know. Or tell him you're going Saturday, and then me coming isn't an issue anyways. Whichever is easier.

Mar. 23rd, 2009

003| Fangtooth is wearing pie.

There is pie in my ear. IN MY EAR! Impressive on so many levels, considering how weird my ears look now. This is entirely your fault, Quinn, just so you're aware.

Uh, sorry again for hitting you Elwood. And I think all the pie is cleaned up but if not the spiders will eat it. Gotta keep the fac pets happy, right?

If you need a good laugh, and aren't afraid to get wet, I'm apparently dancing with Ayita later. I offered to help since I'd like to see a real storm. It's been too sunny lately.

Mar. 16th, 2009

002| Fangtooth is joyful!

This weekend was scarring for some, I understand, but I had an awesome time. Not only did the Gothics have a little mischievous fun Friday, and then BBQ (yum!), but someone got a fantastic video clip of it. I laughed so hard I cried. Multiple times.

Thanks to parents day, room G114 is happily restocked with treats (and paint). And I got to see them, of course. Dad was overly impressed with you Science types, I only say this because he asked me too.

Moving on! Anyone want to go for a swim with me later? Prudish types, and those afraid of scales, need not even think about applying.